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In production  "See How Your Life Is?" 

Grace. She's a Syrian-American woman in her mid-thirties, trying to balance her life and her work. She has a lot of family obligations pulling at her and questions to answer about her future during this short film.

Grace's younger brother, Ibby. Also in his thirties, he's living with their mom and trying to keep his career going on two fronts. Sometimes the house isn't big enough for the two of them.

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Shaggy Dog Project is proud to announce "Behind The Lens", an interview series about all things film and filmmaking in Eugene, Oregon, with host Tom Blank, now airing on Channel 29, CTV.

Our host Tom Blank is a renowned and somewhat retired Hollywood director. Tom’s career was in television, with shows such as Ironside, Ellery Queen, the Incredible Hulk, and a list too long for this page, but you can check his IMDB

These in-depth and intelligent conversations about film, how and why movies are important, the evolution of the film industry, behind-the-scenes stories and much more are the result of a year-long project.   We developed this project to learn about the craft of broadcast, in accordance with our mission of 'learning film by doing film'.    

Many thanks to all our guests for their patience and willingness to participate and contribute their time and experience to this project.  

"Behind The Lens" was recorded using the facilities of Community Television of Lane County.  See CTV broadcast schedules

Or watch them now:

Behind the Scenes of 'BEHIND THE LENS'

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Mike & Tom patiently invent a conversation about the nature of time while we work on our production skills.Matt is on the cameras.Lights!
Bruce, Dan & Lemia are in the booth.Practicing the Rule of ThirdsHow does it look on the switcher?

Eugene International Film Festival

Our 2013-2014 Showcase Films

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A crafty oil executive extends his sphere of influence to visitors from another Dimension. His secret dealings are derailed by his ex-mistress who accidentally discovers an opportunity to save humankind--with surprising results.
The Big Spill


Everyone knows that all the good men are taken—right? Obituaries are the new personals for two sisters as they follow their mom’s lead and meet men at their wives’ funerals with unexpected consequences.    [view trailer]


Carmen, a Goth turned mental health nurse, connects with her brilliant and disturbed patient, Abel, as the two explore the humorous and ironic boundaries between sanity and ambition.  
Cold Fusion


How much humiliation will a man take to insure his young daughter’s happiness?


A couple’s intimate conversation results in a surprising climax.  
Resume Normal Breathing

"Mourning After"

Screenwriter/Producer: Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich
Director: Julia O'Reilly

Interested In Film-making?

The Shaggy Dog Project is designed to guide aspiring local filmmakers through the process of creating short, dramatic films using professional screenwriting and filmmaking techniques. The program is based on the premise that learning is best accomplished by doing.

From Story Idea To Screenplay

Stories are selected from ideas submitted by class members. The ideas are then developed into short (5 to 10 page) screenplays. From those screenplays that qualify, short (5 to 10 minute) films are produced with class members serving as the production crew. The goal is to provide the total filmmaking experience, from basic-idea-to-finished-film.

Shaggy Dog Project Welcomes Enthusiasm and Team Players.  For more information on joining The Shaggy Dog Project, contact us.